Simple Event Decoration Ideas

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Simple Event Decoration Ideas

Planning events every day in a similar way can be so monotonous in that it may lose the taste. However,
as a certified planner, you can overcome this by being creative every now and then. Event design is a
greater way to become creative in the industry. In short, you need to impress your attendees at all costs
with a unique design at every given event. If you are wondering how you can wow your attendees at the
next event, then the following are the best event decoration ideas to help you think outside the box:

 Food arrangement display
You can use the food to make your attendees have a sweet memory of the event. All you
can do is arrange them in an innovative way. This will attract your attendees’ interest by having
neat walls containing food like; donuts, a DIY bar, and a fruit wall.
Since most of the events serve food, you can always use the opportunity to arrange this food to display in a unique manner. These kinds of walls will always create a lasting impression to
your audience.

 Fabrics decoration
This is another way to generate an idea by being creative using pipe and drape. Fabric is a
unique way to add depth color to your event. It makes the event look great with a nice pleasant.
This might be expensive and you may consider drape fabric on just the buffet and serving
stations for low budgets.

 Ceiling decoration
This is a way where you consider working on roofs in that you may not need to work on the floor
again. In this case, you will need a lot of lighting, colors, and projections to help you create
different visual effects within the room.
Ceiling decoration works best for rooms with small spaces and high ceilings where you may save
a lot of money since you do not have to work on floors.

 Table decorations

Whether you are planning for a big or small event you need to be innovative to make the tables
look neat and impressive. To achieve this you may consider the iPad as a centerpiece to incorporate
technology. In this case, iPad plays a major role in displaying event information, presentation, or
images which will always improve the visibility of the guest who is sited at the back. All that
you are working for is to grab the attention from your audience so try to be unique in terms of table

 Arrangements of seats

It is an obvious case that your attendees will have to sit down. In this situation, you need to think
of the best way to use the seats as a décor. Don’t just arrange the seats in a traditional way but
think of different ways of engaging your attendees. You can even go the extra mile of getting
more variety of seats/chairs like couches, barstools, or bean bag chairs. That is if the setting of
the event allows.

 Stage backdrops

This is an element that is used to offer visual stimulation. It makes your stage so lively by not
overshadowing activities taking place on the stage. You can offer this type of decoration
depending on your budget in either the digital backdrop or marquee letters.
Remember digital backdrop has got different elements from plain LED screens to honeycomb
versions. This means they have features that allow elements to appear and fade during
presentations on the stage.

 Stage decorations

Although you may be working on a temporary stage, you need to make it look permanent
through your creativity in decoration and design. You can make your stage looks attractive by
using a riser, or some pieces of furniture, or you may decide to go with more casual options like
coaches. This will steer up the conversation on stage making your décor looks very interesting.
In some cases, you can opt to use the zest, and try modular staging with the nature of easily assembling
them. It is also good for stageless events.

 Design goodie bags

This can be also found on the table where you can design just small goodie bags wrapped in an
attractive design as part of your presentation. This is one of the ways of making attractive
decorations by offering out small gifts. This will always excite your attendees by taking your
organization to a better position.
Remember to provide your branding and sponsorship on these secret gifts.

 Lighting design

This is the most important part of an event where you need to work it out as an expert in a creative
manner. Lighting design may vary depending on the type of event, for example in an event
where attendees will be required to take notes, you have to reduce the amount at the main
presentation and have enough lights in the audience part.
In such a case you need to make your event lively by using lightweight colorful LED lights which
will always require minimum rigging. Simple or complex lighting like 3-D projections or colored
lights has the power of adding an extra punch to the general event.

 Digital media decoration

Whether you are planning to own a business event planner or are already in business, you’re next
the level is to incorporate a dash of technology.
Technology has made it easy for planners to achieve event decorations in an easier way. You may
engage your attendees by using social media platforms wherein the day of the event you can ask
people to take pictures and post them on your hashtag. This is one way of creating lasting

impressions by adding some excitement to their faces.


Event decoration is more than becoming an event planner. It requires one to think outside the
box and be creative in every given event. There are a lot of ideas out there that can help you
plan for the next event and having the above samples may lead you to greater achievements by

exploring more ideas. The task is now on your side to get ready for the next event and make
it as lit as possible.


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