What Equipment Is Needed To Start An Event Planning Business?

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What Equipment Is Needed To Start An Event Planning Business?

Have you considered starting an event but are unsure how to go about it? Well, this article will help point you in the right direction when finding the resources you need to make all the difference in event planning and business. We will be considering several event planning equipment you need to launch your event program.

Event Equipment Rental

We will be considering some of the event equipment rentals that you may consider when launching your event program.

The event planning business is an industry that is growing daily. As an entrepreneur, you need to organize yourself to make your idea real. Some of the tools needed can be within your house, which is one reason starting an event planning business is cost-effective.

Gathering the following tools is one way of getting organized and ready to launch your business:

  • Cell phone

Your phone is an essential tool to help you run the business. You must reach out to prospective customers and discuss any changes within the timeline.

When purchasing a phone, consider the battery life because it will not disappoint you in the middle of the discussion. The phone is one of the equipments rated to be the best when interacting with your clients.


  • Laptop

This is considered a tool over the desktop because event planning businesses are mostly mobile. However, it would be best if you had a lighter laptop with a suitable protective bag to maintain the condition of your machine. Your computer should be well-updated with current windows and a long-life battery.

Since your office is mobile, ensure your laptop has event diagraming, event element customization, contact lists, guest tracking, floor plan layouts, special requests, notes, To-dos, and a shareable calendar.


  • Business cards

You never know when you will meet people needing an event planner. So having two- by three-inch pieces of business cards is very important. You can also distribute these cards during networking meetings. This means whenever you go, your cards should be.


  • High-speed internet

Your programming software for event planning requires high-speed internet. You will need to consider fast and reliable routers and WIFI in this case. To achieve this, talk to other small business owners to help determine the best internet provider within your locality.


  • Car

This is an essential tool, especially if you stay away from the city. This is because you must meet with your clients within the agreed time. Having a car will help you scout venues and search for show-stopping décor for the next activity.


  • Printer

Some clients will always prefer having a hard copy of event floorplans and photos of your inspiration. You will need a printer in your office to produce these documents.


  • Tablet

This is an additional tool when you do not need a laptop. This is a tool that you can carry with you while attending meetings. You can order a customized tablet branded with your company’s name.


  • Camera

As the business grows, you will need a high-quality camera to give you the best shots. You will need a DSLR (digital single-lens reflex) camera to achieve this. Remember you need event portfolio photos, event website photos, event website videos, and a backup whenever your photographer is late.


  • Office

Some of your clients may want to visit you at your office, and you need a well-furnished place with décor. This reflects the image of what you do as an event planner. To attract your visitors, you can place some eye-catching photography art near seating places.


  • Refreshments

F&B is one of the keys to attracting and making customers happy and willing to visit again. So you can have the following at your office; a coffee maker, water dispenser, snacks, plates, glasses, and mugs.


  • Inspiration wall or board

This is the wall where you do some designing for your next event. You may consider chalkboard wall paint or magnet boards for picture attachment.

If you are dealing with several events, you have to differentiate them by writing names above each design with chalk.


  • File box

Make sure you have see-through plastic bankers to help when you run out of supply. For easy transport, consider the one with a handle that closes securely (carry-all).


  • Name tags or badges

You will need to attach these badges to guests’ shirts as they arrive at the venue. These include stickers and plastic name tag holders with pins.


  • Permanent markers

You need to boldly keep a permanent marker by using black and other colors. This will help you grab more attention from your guests.


  • Mini sewing machine

You need to put things organized without delay. On the other hand, you can purchase a pre-made sewing kit that contains thread, needles, needle thread, fabric tape, and a small pair of scissors.


  • A first-aid kit

You can buy one in all kits at any local drug store. Ensure your kit has the following; antiseptic wipes, adhesive bandages for every type of skin, tweezers, ace bandages, safety scissors, and instant cold packs.


  • Makeup kit

You need a makeup kit for emergencies as a backup. Your guests may have forgotten their faves at home and require a touch-up.

In this kit, you need to have enough stock of eye shadow palettes in neutral shades and concealers for skin types like light, medium, or dark skin colors. Also include a few types of lipsticks and glosses.

For some reason, keep cotton balls, swabs, tissues, and sanitary towels in a section of your kit.


  • AV tool

This equipment can be hired; however, you may consider owning one to help you offer catch-box tossable microphones to a given event. This motivates participants in another way.


  • Cords covers

You will need the cord when setting a specific podium. This will guide you to choose between extension cords or floor cords. A flexible cord cover will help cover some extra wires making the podium look neat.


  • Backup chargers

Finally, as an event planner, you need to be creative by getting several multi-chargers and plugging them into wall outlets.

This is to avoid a situation your phone battery is at a low percentage, and you need to use it. This way, you and your guests will be safer in an emergency.






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