The Benefits of Event Planning Certification

Become a Certified Event Planner to grow your business and career

The Benefits of Event Planning Certification

Indeed, the event planning space is growing and expanding by the day, however, finding that niche and being able to grow in the niche that you have chosen can make all the difference in your effectiveness. As an event planner, you will need certification to prove yourself like a football coach obtains a license to prove his learning standards before carrying out his duties.

Understanding the Concept of Event Planning Certification

Event planning certification can as CMP, CSEP, and CGMP, which all have a common certification goal. These certifications are all designed to promote organizers by taking their professional knowledge to the next level.

Certified meeting professional (CMP) is one of the certifications that the industry can obtain to run its programs. So it’s all about undertaking one of the event planning courses before getting one. Some of the courses are already recognized globally, while mature markets around the US have their certifications and specific standards to follow.

As a certified event planner, you need always to increase your knowledge of the industry standards, and constantly practice and consider the ethics industry. The following are the main benefits of the event planning certification:

1) Take your learning to the next level

This will help you improve as a professional where you will be able to pit yourself against the category of model professional.
The secret here is to advance your knowledge from practicing your current skills to innovating new ones in the market industry. And the only way to achieve this is by obtaining certification. To some points, event planning certification will help you attend seminars and conferences set aside for planners and hence some more skills acquired.

2) Proof your area of expertise

Sometimes when you are dealing with one area of the business, people might limit you by thinking that you only have specific skills for certain areas.  areas, your certification is what can talk on your behalf. For example, if you have been dedicating yourself to managing certain events for ten years, then future clients might think that you only have skills for that area. However, your certification can solve this doubt.
On the other hand, event planners who are already certified are believed to earn $10,000 more annually than those who lack credentials.

3) Proof your certification

When you prove your certification to clients, you increase the chances of winning the contract. Your credentials prove that you have knowledge of carrying out the work.
Most of large organizations will always offer their tenders to meeting planners who already have the appropriate credentials to avoid mess-ups. This means by upgrading yourself to a certified planner, you are ready to level a good foundation at the ground in order to kick off.

4) Practice skills before application

At this point, all organizers have to go through a certain process before certification. This platform is open to all event planners to practice their skills ranging from project management to marketing and human resources.
Before jumping into certification you have to learn a certain course, where through the course you are provided with an opportunity to grow your skills without pressure; some experience is also achieved.
Remember that certification will also allow you to attend conferences planned for event organizers which it will give you an opportunity to demonstrate and practice your skills.

5) Building your network

A certified planner is open to more networks than one without credentials. This is because certified ones will always start networking right from school while undertaking the course.
During the process, you meet different kinds of people, especially like-minded professionals. This way, you can build a long-term relationship with them because who knows what the future holds? On some occasions, as a certified planner, you can distribute your business cards to guests who might be interested in your services in the future.

On the other hand, you are able to join forums on social platforms meant for certified event planners which provide opportunities for members to learn more and expand their network.

6) Great opportunity to expand

The event planning business is growing on a daily basis, and so it grows with those who have their credentials ready to plunge in. most of the big organizations are now considering event planning as one of their departments. Through this, they are giving out their tenders to prospective certified providers with more extraordinary achievements. With your certifications at hand, you will be able to demonstrate the knowledge, skills, and experience that will lead you to victory.

Obtaining these kinds of tender means, you are having a chance to expand your business.
This means event organizers are becoming high in demand around the globe and, therefore the need for you to take up the challenge and obtain your credentials.



The event planning business is one of the businesses that do not necessarily need certification. You can run the business as long you have the passion for it. This means you believe that you can bring a better change to the industry. However, you must remember that your business might lack something. These are some of the benefits outlined above whereby lacking these plus points of accreditations, you may grow at a slow rate.
You have to note that this kind of business is a constantly evolving beast, where those who have chances of growing in the industry are certified, event planners.

The above benefits are favorable to all certified event planners whether they are running out of specific event planning like weddings, birthdays, conferences, fundraising, etc. or running out of general planning events.
To some extent, there may be a competition like “the best event planner of the year” where being a certified organizer is a requirement in order to participate in the contest. This means, that even though you might be a great event planner in the region you are limited in participating if you are not yet certified.

If you would like to uncover more details about the benefits of events planning certificate, click here.


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