Certified Wedding Planner

Become a Certified Event Planner to grow your business and career

Who is a Certified Wedding Planner?

A Certified Wedding Planner is an event planner who has completed wedding planning training and obtained a certificate signifying that they were successful.

Unlike other areas in the event planning industry, for example, meeting planners, wedding planners have no single governing body or accreditation structure. This means that it is easier to become a Certified Wedding Planner as any exam or classes will depend on the training that you have selected.

What are the benefits of obtaining a Wedding Planning Certification?

There are a number of reasons why obtaining a Wedding Planning Certification can benefit you, your business and your career. Here are a few to consider:

Getting Hired

Having a Wedding Planning Certification means that clients and employers will have more trust in your skills and knowledge. The certification essentially means that you have studied and completed a skills training program and are equipped with the tools to effectively complete a wedding. If you operate your own business, this signals to new clients that you possess the level of competence to plan their wedding and handle any issues that may arise.

Job Retention

If you work within a company having a wedding planning certification puts you a step above the competition. Being ahead of other employees in your training and development means that you will be more likely to retain your job as you will be seen as the more skilled employee on staff.


Similarly to the job retention benefits, having your wedding planning certification also means that you are more likely to be promoted over less skilled coworkers. You will also be more of an asset to the company and to clients with a certification signifying your higher level of knowledge and expertise.

Professional Credibility

As a Certified Wedding Planner, you will gain more professional credibility. This is particularly true if your training was obtained through a quality wedding planning program that is well regarded within the industry. Having a wedding planning certification means that you have completed professional training in your field and are equipped to effectively plan a wedding from beginning to end.

Partner Programs

When looking to partner with vendors/suppliers one of the first things that companies look for is skills and expertise. Being a Certified Wedding Planner gives more confidence to potential business partners that you are capable of managing a wedding and working effectively with clients. This means that you are more likely to gain partnership opportunities when you become a Certified Wedding Planner.

New and Current Technologies

To complete a Wedding Planner Certification program means learning new and innovative practices and technology that can improve your business and career. This means upon completion of a Wedding Planning Certification program, you will have an increased knowledge of new and current technologies and how to use these to help your clients.

Personal Goal

Many future Wedding Planners set personal goals on obtaining certification to improve their business, careers and lives. This is an additional step that helps to solidify your event planning knowledge and experience.

What is the process to becoming a Certified Wedding Planner?

There are many different courses online and in-person that offers a Wedding Planning Certification or a Certificate of Completion. The key is to ensure that you choose a course that is comprehensive and targets the area in which you need the most training.

If you are skilled in design but lacking wedding business management skills, it is recommended that you source a course that focuses on the tools needed to build a wedding planning business.

If you are skilled in business management but lacking in event design and coordination skills, it is recommended that you source a course that focuses on providing hands-on design experience.

To help you select the best training course for your Wedding Planning Certification, see our list of the best Event Planning Certificate Programs. 

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